Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

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Hubei Sanjing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded as Wuhan Sanjing Chemical Co., Ltd in June, 1999. Taking the research, production and trade of steroid hormones as main business, we also work hard on the development and production of steroid hormone pharmaceutical intermediates. Covering an area of 46,000sqm, our company is located in Fenghuang industrial park, Xianan district, Xianning city, Hubei province, with 20,000sqm of GMP approved standards plants.

There is quality assurance department in Sanjing, which is mainly in charge of the quality management of drugs in all production procedures. Moreover, our center lab is well equipped with leading and complete quality inspection facilities. Relying on well-operated QC system, we have the good ability to produce quality products.

"Creative mind,   technology and management" is the goal of our research. At present, we invest big money in the development of new products every year, and found production development and application technology department; moreover, we establish long-term cooperative relationships with more than 20 universities and institutes of China such as Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and China Medicine University, etc. With their helps and supports, we are working on the development several key products. In addition, we also buy technical achievements and transfer them into productivity continuously.

Equipped with the leading production facilities and complete quality inspection facilities, and relying on well-trained work team, we are working hard to produce customer-satisfied products.

Our tenet: Creating the latest technologies, the best quality and service.

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