Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

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Hubei Sanjing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded as Wuhan Sanjing Chemical Co., Ltd in June, 1999. Taking the research, production and trade of steroid hormones as main business, we also work hard on the development and production of steroid hormone pharmaceutical intermediates. Covering an area of 46,000sqm, our company is located in Fenghuang industrial park, Xianan district, Xianning city, Hubei province......
Add: Phoenix Industrial Park, Xian'an District,Xianning City, Hubei,China. Postcodes:437000
Tel:+86-715-8618696 Fax:+86-715-8313076
website: Contact: Yinhong
Mobile : +86-13907101691 E-mail : [email protected]
  [email protected]

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Special statement !!

    Recently, we found someone uses our name and pretends to be the salesman of our company. Becasse it is very hard to guarantee the quality and truth of products sold by these peoples, their behaviors have made great damages to our reputation. Hence we made this special statement as following:

  1. Please call +86-715-8618696, +86-13907101691 or send email to [email protected] or [email protected] for the consultation and other details of our products.
  2. Please report us about any persons who forge or falsely use the name of our company. Sanjing reserves the right to take legal action against these persons directly.
  3. Hubei Sanjing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Will always strive to offer you quality products and excellent service.

Hubei Sanjing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
September 20, 2012

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